We Specialize in Foreclosure Refunds Recovery

Overages Unclaimed LLC
specializes in locating and recovering overage or surplus funds remaining after a property foreclosure sale.We audit hundreds of government agencies throughout the entire country to find these funds. We then notify the rightful owners and help them to claim this money, as the
Claim Process
can be complicated.

If you've received a telephone call, letter or email from us, then we've located funds we believe you are entitled to.

About Us

We are a team of dedicated financial consultants, committed to helping individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals with personalized strategies and expert guidance.


Amanda Lee

$54,000 recovered

Lamoi was amazing! She kept updating us until the check arrived. Glad we went with you guys

Adam Cheise

$15,000 recovered

It looked too good to be true since my father died several years ago and we had no idea about his property. Your attorney did a great job without us having to appear in the court.

Catherine Gilbert

$67,250 recovered

It took almost 3 months but you did not give up on the case. We really needed that money. Cheers to your team!

You Must Act Fast to Recover These Funds Before the Deadline Expires!

We do all the work from start to finish of the claim process. We always work on a “Contingency” basis which means there are no upfront fees and we only charge a fee if and when we are successful.All costs and fees, including attorney’s fees, are paid from our company’s percentage of reclaimed money, with the client getting the largest share.If the claim is unsuccessful (very rare), the client owes us nothing.
Totally risk free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did You Find Me?

We usually locate our clients by doing internet searches.

How Did You Find This Money?

We audit different government agencies on a regular basis for unclaimed funds due to citizens like yourself.

Can't I Find the Money on my Own?

The governmental agencies we audit typically DO NOT post these unclaimed funds accounts online. You are welcome to search state unclaimed funds websites, but if you find funds there, these are not the funds we're informing you about.

What's my cost to you?

We charge you nothing out-of-pocket at all. If the claim is collectable we only collect a small fee from the redeemed amount. If for any reason the claim cannot be collected, you pay nothing.

How Much is My Claim? Where is it Being Held?

Once you have signed our contingency fee agreement, we'll be happy to disclose where the funds have been located!

Why Should I Use Your Company?

Most of the assets we locate aren't available by searching the internet, and it's unlikely that without the aid of a company like ours, that you'll be notified of their existence by the agency holding them.

How do I start?

Contact Overages unclaimed

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